Epson. Epson is a cheval-elfe. . As such, heís the tagger on. The loud, curious, tagger on. He ran into Barty not long after his seventh birthday, quite literally. And ever since then the two have been inseperable. Always couple with Professor, the piebald mustang that is his companion being, Epson can always be relied upon to face danger with an out of tune song. And then run away.

The phrase "Itís my shiny thing" (red dwarf) is not applicable when it comes to describing Bartimus Corvidae the second, but the phrase "All these shiny things, are mine." With the scatterbrain of a crow, and the simple minded determination to go with it, Barty will walk through fire for something shiny. When danger threatens, he flutters off a safe distance and then watches, incase anyone drops anything, or drops dead. Black, his carrion bird companion is always on the look out for a free meal.

Barty and Epson attached themselves to Francois about a year ago and he hasnít managed to shake them off since. "Theyíre the little brothers I never wanted." Describes their relationship, and the red-headís personality very well. Cynical, quiet, anti-social and sarcastic, Francois is more likely to introduce you to his fist than himself. Always looking for an excuse for a scrap, itís long been suspected heís a big softy on the inside. This is unlikely.

Ooo who is this mysterious guy? Stick around and find out!

(character descriptions written by 'watch the angels fall', character sketches done by 'wicked hatter')